Come cycle in Taiki Town! Welcome ‘home’! Relax and feel at ease here.
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Journey through the town of Taiki with a local guide

Located in south-central Mie Prefecture, Taiki Town is nestled in between the larger cities of Kumano and Ise.
In ancient times, Taiki served as a valuable midpoint connecting traders, travelers, and locals.
Throughout its rich history, Taiki has maintained majestic natural surroundings and the area offers
a diverse range of historical and cultural attractions.

We invite you to cycle through the town and visit the many accessible locations that make Taiki so charming.
On this journey, you can expect to develop your understanding about the historical significance of Taiki
and learn about the cultural value of the region.

So, hop on a bike and experience Taiki for an unforgettable experience!


What is the Taiki Travelogue?

Take some time to kick back and experience life in Japan’s idyllic countryside!
Enjoy the rural lifestyle in Taiki, a scenic town rich in natural resources.
Visitors can partake in a range of activities that directly engage
with locals immersed in the agricultural, forestry, and fishing trades.
The Taiki Travelogue also includes cycling experiences,
which can be combined with an overnight stay at a minpaku,
a private residence open to visiting guests. The Taiki Travelogue encapsulates a collection of
activities and accommodation, accompanied by leisurely bike rides.
Away from the city, travelers seeking warmer comforts and the reintroduction of simplicity
will enjoy compiling their travelogue of their time at Taiki.

Stay In a Minpaku
(local private residence)

An overnight stay in Taiki Town immerses you in local history and culture Experience the warmth and relaxing comfort of a minpaku, a Japanese private residence open to guests. Rental bicycles come equipped with electric assist, making the bike ride possible for cyclists of all levels.

Guided Cycling Tours

Private cycling tours are led by experienced cyclists who have completed a specialized training program. Feel free to rent a bicycle or make memories with your own bicycle! The pace and attractions visited can be tailored to your preferences.

Immerse yourself in the profound
natural and cultural history of Taiki

Leave behind the chaos of the city for the seas, mountains, and rivers. Home to the Kumano Kodo’s Tsuzurato Pass, a World Heritage site, the town of Taiki offers visitors the opportunity to learn about Japanese traditional culture and customs that have been cultivated over hundreds of years. Whether you choose to meditate at a local temple or sneak in a moment of zen at dawn, the spiritually minded will feel at ease amidst the magnificent natural surroundings of Taiki.

Learn More: The Five Areas of Taiki Town

A small town of approximately 8,000, Taiki is the epitome of rural, coastal Japan.
While mountainous, the area is known for both its agriculture and fishing.
Boasting a warm climate, delicious local cuisine, and beautiful natural landscapes,
it’s an idyllic getaway in western Japan.
Visitors are encouraged to visit the Nishiki fishing port facing the Kumano Sea and
the clear streams of the Miyagawa and Ouchiyama Rivers.
Don’t forget to stop by the Tsuzurato Pass and Nozaka Pass along the Kumano Kodo,
a World Heritage site demonstrating the best of nature.

Try It Out!: Local Cuisine and Specialties

Check It Out!: Recommended Attractions in Taiki

Explore further on a bicycleChoose from five routes in Taiki Town

An introduction to
recommended cycling courses

Accommodation Recommendations

Looking for accommodation?
View a variety of options based on what you’re looking for.
  • Accommodation with a private cycling guide
  • Accommodation with sheltered bicycle storage space
  • Accommodation with bike pumps and tools readily available
  • Accommodation with bike racks


    Have a good time like when you visit your grandma.
    An accommodation where you can enjoy various experiences through the four seasons. Taste a variety of natural sweet fish (ayu) cuisine prepared by the owner of Idobata, who boasts years of culinary experience at an ayu dish restaurant.

    Riverside Accommodation at Sanzui

    Enjoy a relaxing stay in a Showa-era inn on the riverside.
    At the Sanzui Inn, guests are welcomed into a countryside experience with seasonal flair. Nestled among the seas, mountains, and rivers, time feels as though it flows gently at this rustic establishment. Recharge and be invigorated for a new day at the Sanzui Inn!

    Taiki Town Nihon Ichi no Furusato Mura

    Why not create your own ideal “countryside” experience?
    The inn, which has been rebuilt from old house in small mountain communities, is a universally accessible facility and welcomes visitors of all abilities. Enjoy rice cooked in a kamado (Japanese hearth) and indulge in rice bread – both exquisite specialties at this inn.

    Minapaku Tousakujuku

    An old, private house more than 130 years old.
    A quaint Japanese house in which you can feel history, learn about Japan, and peek into the lives of people in days gone. Relax in spacious rooms and learn about Tousaku Ose, the father of compulsory education and local administration, at the museum hosted within the house.

    Katarai no Sato Hanashino

    A hideaway hotel surrounded by Oku Ise’s forests.
    A FSC-certified accommodation in the forest, Katari no Sato offers a beautiful river where fireflies flutter and an oak tree forest where beetles gather. Spend a fun and relaxing holiday in a place full of nature! Guests are encouraged to cook on their own - you can have hot pot at the community kitchen, or a BBQ outside.
    Whether it’s through the Kumano Kodo or a trip to Takihara shrine, leave it to us.
    Explore Taiki by bike - with a local twist!


    Enjoy the rural landscape and serene silence at a peaceful place surrounded by forests.
    During the day, catch beetles in the nearby oak tree forest and in the evening, enjoy the glowing fireflies in the garden. Children can also play safely in the back.
  • Kazuki Takabayashi

    I look forward to exploring the mountains and coasting along riverside by bike with visitors from all over the world!
  • Taka-aki Kawakami

    The seas play an important role in my life year-round. Bike routes in the Nishiki area are my specialty!

Depending on circumstances,
we may introduce you to or you may be led by other cycling guides familiar with Taiki Town.


How It Works

Reservations for accommodation and the cycling experience must be completed separately.
Reservations for accommodation only or the cycling experience only are permitted.

Reservations for Accommodation and cycling experiences

  • Click “Contact Form” to make your reservation
  • You will receive a response within two (2) business days
  • Reservations must be made at least three (3) business days prior to the date of the stay and cycling experience.
    If you do not receive confirmation regarding your reservation within two (2) business days, please contact the Taiki Town Council for Regional Development.
    To cancel your reservation, you must contact the Taiki Town Council for Regional Development by 12:00PM on the day before your cycling experience.